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The dsanon (the one who wants to singlehandly restart the Ray Wars) said that Paul Gross was pandering to the fangirls with season 3/4 Seriously, why would he pander to a extremely small niche part of the audience at a time when you saw very few (if any) actual gay characters on tv.

I think a better explanation is that he put in the subtext because HE wanted to and he thought Callum was sexy.
Personally, I’m glad that neither Fraser or RayK ended up with a female love interest when it would have been so easy to pair RayK with Maggie. The fact that RayV suddenly ended up with Stella shows how ridiculous that would have been. I wish more shows would end with the two male leads going off on a big adventure together instead of giving them female love interests.

Any thoughts?

Date: 2017-06-04 07:52 am (UTC)
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I agree with you. Pandering and queer-baiting in the 90s? I'm a bit skeptical. If he was putting in that subtext to pander, it was to capitalize on CKR's marketability at the time (I reckon).

If a show is going to give a love interest to a main character, I prefer that they spend some time developing the character who is meant to be the love interest and develop the relationship. The adventure angle works because due South was a show about two best friends (easily translating into being about two lovers, if audience members read it that way and/or wish to write slash fiction), who were in every episode of that season together. Therefore it didn't feel forced and ridiculous (like it did with RayV and Stella).


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