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Napoleon's Blanket

I adopted an orange and white cat for my local animal shelter and named him Napoleon (after The Napoleon of Crime: Jim Moriarty) and crocheted him an orange and white blanket.

In case anyone wants to know, his birthday is 4/25/16.

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Title: Dief's Buddy (knitted turtle doll).
Characters: Knitted turtle doll and crocheted Dief doll.
Summary: pictures of Buddy the knitted turtle and Dief doll.

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A Little Red Riding Blanket. Selling it for $40. Accept checks and PayPal, just comment and we'll work out the details.

Size: 36"x 36"
100% acrylic yarn
Makes a great lap blanket

The red squares represent Little Red
The gray ones are the wolf
The green ones are the trees in the forest
The yellow ones are the flowers Little Red picked for grandma

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Title: Little Red Riding Hood Blanket (WIP)
Summary: A Little Red Riding Hood inspired blanket I'm crocheting.

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Dief Doll

Jan. 21st, 2015 10:06 pm
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Dief in a scarf

Dief in a scarf I knitted. Inspired by the one he wore in Call of The Wild

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Title: Crocheted Dief Doll

I even gave him a little tail.
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Thought I'd show off a blanket I'm crocheting for my Aunt. She wanted blue and gold but all I could find was blue and yellow. For anyone who's interested I used a basket weave stitch. At the rate I'm going it should take me about another month to finish

Link to basket weave stitch instructions

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Title: Bear Inspired Crocheted Hat
Character: Bear
An: I can't decide if I want to add eyes. I added ear flaps because that's the way I roll.

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Pictures of a sock monkey hat I crocheted for a friend

I put light pink inside the ears because I thought it would look cute


Jan. 1st, 2014 01:31 pm
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Here are some pictures of a blanket I crocheted for my cousin. I combined a fillet stitch and a popcorn stitch

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Blue and Green aka Dean and Cas socks

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Look what I crocheted.

Title: Red Ship, Green Ship Inspired Socks
AN: Red ships, green ships, there's no ship like partnership - Ray Kowalski (Due South)

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I needed a bag to hold my yarn stash and I needed to use up said stash so I combined them

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Starry Night Socks

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I crocheted another pair of socks
AN: I call them coffee socks because the dark brown yarn is called Café Latte

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A Pair of rubber duck inspired socks I crocheted

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Title: Crocheted RayK Doll
Fandom and Character: Due South. RayK
Summary: A RayK doll I crocheted.
AN: I gave Ray a poncho because I loved the poncho and it's easy to crochet

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