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Title: Husky Dief (fanart)
Fandom: Due South
Characters: Dief
Rating: G
Summary: Digital pencil fanart. Dief as a husky
An: Made for the DS6D_fanworks prompt: Husky

Here at DS6D_fanworks
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Instead of Ray Wars we should have Dief Wars

Also here at AO3
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Title: Doughnut Gear (fanart)
Fandoms: Due South/Person of Interest
Characters: Dief, Bear and Finch
Rating: G
Summary: For reasons that won't be explored at this juncture, the boys are in a room with a giant doughnut gear and candy cane pipes.
An: For the fan_flashworks prompt: metal
An: Also at AO3

Inspired by Dief and Bear's love of doughnuts.

Due South

Dec. 13th, 2015 05:07 am
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Ray has a picture of Fraser's hat because he loves it that much.
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Title: Dief's Buddy (knitted turtle doll).
Characters: Knitted turtle doll and crocheted Dief doll.
Summary: pictures of Buddy the knitted turtle and Dief doll.

due south )
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A Very Dief and Bear Halloween
Characters: Fusco, Fraser, Bear and Dief.

Happy Halloween!

An: I decided to make Dief Draco because that was the name of one of the dogs that played him.
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Title: Avengers Dogs
Fandom: Person of Interest/Due South
Characters: Bear, Dief and Ante
Media: Fanart
Rating: G
Summary: Dief as Steve Dogers, Bear as Tony Bark and Ante as Ante Carter.
An: Made for the fan_flashworks prompt: Identity
An2: Is also here at AO3

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Title: Sick
Characters: Fraser, RayK, Dief and Turtle
Rating: G
Word Count: 760
Summary: Fraser is homesick and Dief has a stomach ache.
An: Can also be read here at AO3

Due South )
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Title: Dief and Killer (snippet and fanart)
Characters: Dief and Ray's Turtle (Killer)
Rating: G
Summary: Dief is human.
An: Someone said that Dief might be a werewolf stuck in wolf form so I decided to draw Dief out of his wolf form. I included his best buddy Ray's Turtle (Killer).

Due South )
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Title: Fancy Dress (Fanart)
Fandoms: Due South/Person of Interest
Characters: Dief and Bear
Summary: Dief and Bear dress up
Rating: G
An: For the fan_flashwork prompt: Fancy

Fancy Dress )
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Title: Burn
Fandom: Due South
Characters: Fraser/RayK, Dief and Frannie/Turnbull. Past Fraser/Victoria
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,442
Summary: Ray is like a fire.
An: For the fan_flashworks prompt: Burn

burn )

Dief Doll

Jan. 21st, 2015 10:06 pm
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Dief in a scarf

Dief in a scarf I knitted. Inspired by the one he wore in Call of The Wild

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Title: Crocheted Dief Doll

I even gave him a little tail.


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