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Title: Walter and His Two Dads (FanFic and FanArt)
Fandom: Due South
Characters: Fraser/RayK, Dief and OC
Rating: PG-13
Word Length: 2370
Content notes: Kid!Fic
Summary: Eric the trickster raven leaves Fraser and Ray a surprise.

Walter and His Two Dads )
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Title: Worse Than Being Blind.
Author: [ profile] clockstopper.
Artist: [ profile] love_jackianto.

Fic Genre/Pairings: RPS/Jensen/Misha background Jared/Genevieve.

Rating: PG (for the art) NC-17 (for the fic).

Summary: To cope with the directing on the set of Stonehenge Apocalypse, Misha and his new best friend Hill, spend their nights drinking and trying to forget the fact that they're on a ridiculous scifi B-Movie. It helps when the director yells that they should all have more intensity in the morning. And then, one night, Torri invites herself to their nightly drinking and Misha does not know that this has bad life plan written all over it because Torri can drink everyone under the table. Now Misha has to deal with an earnest and freaked out Jensen who flies to the set because he wants to talk about "the message" (complete with air quotes) that Misha left on his cell phone. Add a new cast that has made it their mission to make Misha as embarrassed as possible and Jared, who never met an innuendo that he didn't like, and Misha wonders how his life ever got here. Oh, and they do still have a movie to film.

AN: Thanks to [ profile] rogueslayer452 for the Stonehenge Apocalypse screencaps.

Art under cut )
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Fic cover for [ profile] cloudyjenn Dean/Castiel WIP The Soul Piece.

Summary: When a human child is born, their soul is shattered into bright gleaming pieces that scatter to the winds.

Soul Piece )
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This has to be the most wonderfully cracky stories I've ever read in Due South. Fic cover for [ profile] tres_mechante's Due South fic Through the Looking Glass

Fic Information
Pairing/character: Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski/human!Diefenbaker
Rating: FRM (Mature)
Word Count: 30,850 approx.
Kink: magic/supernatural elements; first time; angst; flirtation; seduction; mind fuck
Notes/Warnings: magic; language; angst; character death(temporary!); animal-to-human transformation; vampire; male/male sex (not graphic); first times; violence; developing feelings; disturbing images (nightmares); crackishness

Summary: Ray’s life has taken a turn for the strange, what with a gruesome murder, creepy witnesses, the woodland version of Hotel California, and a squirrel with attitude. But then along comes some guy claiming to be Diefenbaker and that's when things get weird.

Through the Looking Glass )
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Fic cover for [ profile] strangeandcharm's Supernatural story It's The Fall That Kills You

Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam
Fic Rating: NC-17 (Fic cover Rating: G)
Word count: 9,000
Fic Summary: The apocalypse has been prevented, but Sam is struggling to cope and Castiel is facing some serious consequences. Dean, meanwhile, is trying to keep everyone together. Angst alert! Copious Cas!whumping with some Sam!whumping and oodles of concerned!Dean. Also? PORN.

Fic Cover )
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Fic cover for [ profile] szm's post-Exit Wounds Jack/Ianto fic Three AM.

Fic spoilers: Exit Wounds

Fic cover spoilers: Reset and Exit Wounds.

Thoughts Jack can*t escape at three am. Set about a week after Exit Wounds. )
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Fic cover for [ profile] invisible_lift's Jack/Ianto/PC Andy (dom/dom/sub) story It'll End in Tears.

Fic Rating: NC-17 for smut and language. (Fic Cover Rating: G)

Fic Cover )
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Fic Cover for [ profile] eviinsanemonkey's Ianto/Captain John story Used to It.

Author's Summary: John Hart is assigned a new partner.
Rating: T/PG-13 (fic cover G)
Genre: Angst, Drama, kinda-romance

John Hart is assigned a new partner )
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Two due South fic covers for [ profile] nos4a2no9.

Title: I Know I Am But Summer To Your Heart
Rating: NC-17 (Cover Rating: G)
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Length: 2830 words
Fraser wants a full season of love. )

Title: Deserted
Characters: young!Fraser (gen)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1,008 words
He found the postcard when he was fourteen years old. )
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Fanart for [ profile] mikes_grrl's Due South fic Subtext.

Rating: PG-13, for naughty language
Pairing: F/K, V/S
Warning: post CoTW, a wee touch of angst, and probably boring.
Word Count: 2,400~
Summary: Ray doesn't see it, until he does.

Author's Note: Kind of a surprise story, as I had it as part of a longer story but it actually works better on its own. An idea I'm not going to pursue, though, so if anyone needs a plot bunny, feel free!

Subtext )
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I made a Fanart piece for [ profile] invisible_lift's Torchwood story Hungry.

Character: PC Andy Davidson
Fic Pairings: None.
Rating/Notes: PG-ish for a tiny bit of language. (Fanart rating: G)
Summary: I’m sitting in a gingerbread house, lost in some woods that shouldn’t exist, talking to a little old woman. Fan-bloody-tastic.

Andy Davidson was not impressed. )
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Fanart for [ profile] travels_in_time's untitled Crack!Fic.

Fandom: due South
Characters: Fraser, RayK, OC
Fic Rating: PG (Fanart rating: G)
Fic Length: ~675 words
Fic Warnings: CRACK.

Fanart Warning: You should read the story before you click on the cut, otherwise you'll be spoiled.

untitled Crack!Fic Fanart )
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Fanart for [ profile] keerawa's fic 'Standoff'.

Fandom, Pairing: due South, Fraser/Kowalski

Fic Summary: Fraser is forced to take extreme measures during a dangerous confrontation.

Fic Rating: PG.
Fanart Rating: G.

Fanart )
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Fanart for [ profile] spuffyduds's snippet; After Baseball, After Music, After Everything that I Can Understand.

Fic rating: R (for language).
Fanart rating: pg-13 (for slightly disturbing image, nothing too bad, it's just very strange).

It spoils the ending, so you should read the story first.

Fanart )
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Fanart for [ profile] arrow00's due South story 'A Small Mercy'.

Pairing: Fraser/RayK (pre-slash), Fraser/Victoria (her idea)

Fic Rating: NC-17 (Fanart Rating: G)

Category: pre-slash, H/C (Fraser), angst
Wordcount: 4,476

Author's Summary: Victoria's back. This is just cruel.
Author's Warnings: I can't stop abusing Fraser.
Non-con sex, Fraser/Victoria (god I hate her.)
Minor character death (so I had to kill her.)

A Small Mercy Fanart )
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Fanart for [ profile] petronelle's Due South AU 'Where Winter Wolves Bark'.

[X] Feel free to leave me a comment just to tell me what you think.

Fandom: due South/Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear's A Companion to Wolves amalgam (no spoilers).
Summary: Frasr was not immune to the irritation his fellows felt as they waited for the konigenwolf to come into heat.
Pairing: Fraser/RayK (AU)
Fic Rating: Adult (Fanart Rating: G)

Author's Notes: The reason there are no spoilers for either canon is that this is an AU; none of the characters or, indeed, places in this story are present in the novel.

Fanart )
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Fanart for [ profile] nos4a2no9's due South story: Seven Years Later
[X] Feel free to leave to leave a comment just to tell me what you think.

Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Fic Rating: R (Fanart Rating: G)
Fic Length: 856 words

Author's Story Notes: [ profile] lamentables asked for a sequel to Price of Distance (and its slightly sappy wedding!fic sequel Something Borrowed). She wanted to see where the boys are seven years after the conclusion of the story. Written in a couple of hours, unbeta'd, and lacking in porn. You're welcome! *g*

You can also find the story here and [ profile] nos4a2no9's website.

Seven Years Later Fanart )


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