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Napoleon sleeps in some strange places, but I guess that's what I get for naming him after Jim Moriarty
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Steven Jr. Takes A Selfie (pictures)
An: Also here at AO3

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Also here at AO3

The red, white and blue 'background' is made with a honey comb stitch. The red 'circle' was made using double pointed needles. The triangle inside the 'circle' represents Tony's arc reactor.

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I'm girl is all grown up

Here's Sparky at eight weeks

Here she is at one year
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A collection of pictures of my cat Sparky

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Here's the latest rubber duckie in my collection

Duckie )
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Blue and Green aka Dean and Cas socks

Crochet Socks )
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I needed a bag to hold my yarn stash and I needed to use up said stash so I combined them

Stripped Bag )
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A Pair of rubber duck inspired socks I crocheted

Socks under cut )
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Title: Crocheted RayK Doll
Fandom and Character: Due South. RayK
Summary: A RayK doll I crocheted.
AN: I gave Ray a poncho because I loved the poncho and it's easy to crochet

RayK Doll )
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Here's a Dief and Turtle inspired hat (crochet) and scarf (knit) I made.

Read more... )
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I wanted to practice making granny squares so I sewed them into a triangle blanket.

Pictures under the cut )


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